thriveal-author.jpg  Thriveal™ is best introduced as “perfecting the art of doing business”.  That is the thriveal goal for ourselves, our clients and for our readers.  Thriveal is pronounced “thriy-vuhl”.

As mentioned under the about me page, thriveal is simply a blogging ministry and extension of my consulting firm, Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC.  Its an extension of the consulting and training I offer my clients.

Thriveal is a new synergy of thought for entrepreneurs, online marketers and business owners.  It is opposed to the thought of “survival;” rather it is a thought committed to gaining knowledge to make your enterprise successful (and kicking your competition in the hiney).

 More specifically, thriveal theory:
1 has an eye to the future of business, noting trends and acting on those trends today,
2 is for those business owners who take on the responsibility of financial management, proper operations and right strategies to succeed, 
3 is for those who embrace excellent training and learning to succeed and accomplish their business and individual goals,
4 is committed and poised (cool word) to accept change in a global marketplace and benefit from its lessons and blessings, i.e. knowledge gained about business over the next digital decade (through 2017)

This new blogging ministry begins on the anniversary of my firm’s 10 year anniversary (which is Nov 1, 2007).  Here’s to 10 more years…

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer