In consulting, I see many businesses fail to make investments in their Systems.  What are Systems?

A System is an Engine Your systems are little engines that invisibly run your business like clockwork.  Once installed properly, the Company’s Systems don’t require heavy input from the owner or top management.  The System almost runs without you doing anything to make it work – eventually.

The antithesis to Your Systems is chaos.  Is your business in chaos?  If I interviewed your employees, would they be able to tell me what they do, or what is expected of them?  Do you know what area or division your employees fit into and the purpose behind that division?  Your Systems help define these key management elements behind your company.

Your Company’s Systems:
1 Must be installed
2 Take initial time investments from the owner to implement properly
3 Eliminate inefficiency
4 Must have resources commited to them to operate properly
5 Operate on the foundation of a “flow of information” framework in the company
6 Must be trusted, tested and monitored
7 Must be designed effectively to take on new and explosive growth
8 Require initial visionary thinking from top management
9 Must be flexible enough to be changed
10 Should be created at the most opportune time in your company’s history to eliminate future failure

More on these Systems topics later, and “Why Don’t Company’s Implement Systems?” and “How Do You Know When It’s Time To Formally Implement Systems?”

Thanks, Jason