1 Entrepreneurs are rich.  When we assist new clients with the purchase of a business, we tell them that you are buying a job.  And hopefully you’ll get a paycheck.  Everything else is considered gravy.  Does that discourage them?  Sometimes, but frankly, that is what they need (come back down to earth!).  The rich entrepreneurs you read about are the ones in the headline news, but it is not the norm.  But don’t despair, working for yourself is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever go through.  Being the boss is the bomb!

2 Entrepreneurs are reckless with risk.  Maybe broke entrepreneurs are risk-reckless, but successful entrepreneurs weigh their risk heavily.  And they do it over time.  I tell my clients to give their ideas six months to let the idea bake, do some analysis (to see if the door-to-door air filter sales idea will work) and know your market.


3 Entrepreneurs don’t have to work long hours and get to control their day.  Wow.  That’s funny.  I wish someone had told me that when I had to go get a paperroute to cover my income while building my business.  At least I didn’t have to clean the toilets (my Mom did that because I worked out of my parent’s home for a while).  Four and a half years later, and exponential growth, I still have to work three or four nights at home. 

It’s hard on the family – but we still say the benefits are better than “working for the man.”  We’re happier too.  And I always tell my kids that I have to obey people just like they do – my customers!  They control my time.

Thanks, Jason