your-mind.jpg    Did you know you have to change your mind if you are a business owner or entrepreneur?

Inevitably, there comes a point in a business owner’s mind, when there needs to be a change.  The change I’m referring to will allow for (1) future growth in your business, (2) an enhanced ability to manage employees, (3) a more rewarding sense of business success, and (4) a means to take you out of the details of your company while you look to the future (one of the hallmarks of Thriveal theory), and so many more!

A business owner or entrepreneur must change their mindset from a worker to an owner.  Many of my clients continue to harbor a worker mentality, while their businesses struggle.  They want their business to grow, but they are often the hindrance to the growth.  The landscaper has to eventually give up digging holes; the plumber has to go to a chamber of commerce event eventually; the graphic/web designer has to allow someone else to think a new thought and design; the contractor has to put his hammer down and sit in front a computer sometime; the professional (lawyer, dentist, chiropractor, CPA, engineer, etc.) has to go out and network with other professionals, etc.  That is, if you want to stand out among the crowd… the crowd that is always going to be destined to working for the man.

And where do these business owners need to start to make their business successful?  In their minds!  Making the mental shift is sooooooooo hard for so many that love what they do (landscaping, accounting, designing, etc.) – but the mental shift from a worker to an ownerMUST happen to ensure your business’s success.

So, is your company growing?  Are you hiring employees to do what you used to do?  Then go ahead and make the mental shift.  Change Your Mind from a worker to an owner.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, Jason