setting-the-vision.jpg  You don’t think you have to sell yourself to your employees… just because you’re the boss?

You can try that approach, but effectiveness and followers are awarded to those who sell themselves to their employees.  This can also be thought of as “passing on the vision.”  Visionary people are awarded followers… followers that assist you in achieving your goals.  And they become faithful followers because they know you believe in your vision.  Then they eventually catch on to the vision as well.  But its not just to use them to get what you want – its about giving them the vision they want to latch on to anyway.  Why not go ahead and give them your vision?

But don’t try to sell a cheap or “adhoc” version of the vision – one created on the spot.  It’s got to be your REAL vision.  My firm is changing, and that means we’ll be adding new staff at the turn of the year.  I owe it to my staff to let them know why they work there, why we are the best and what we offer our clients.  To do this, we’ll have a “visionary” meeting the first day we are all together in the new year.  I have big dreams for our firm, and I want my dreams to be their dreams too.  The best way to get them on board is to sell myself to them.  Then they can believe in the person who has the dream!

And once are employees are on the street, and someone asks them what its like to work at our firm, they’ll begin selling the vision.  And selling the vision ultimately produces clients who believe in the vision as well.  And clients then refer new clients… and so on… and so on…  all because we were committed to passing on the vision of our firm.

Let this upcoming year be the year you start selling yourself to your employees… for their joy at work, and the furtherance of your business!

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer