engines-cogs.jpg  The lack of Systems, those magical little engines that run your company like clockwork, may be the downfall of your company’s growth!

My basic post on your Company’s Systems (found here) showed us ten (10) very important aspects to a Company’s Systems, and how they make your company successful.   And successful here can be defined in many different ways.  Because this concept may be a little confusing and some what misunderstood, I want to address each of those 10 aspects in a 10 part series.  But, before we embark on this enlightening journey, let’s address the last two questions I posed at the end of my original Systems post.

1.  Why Don’t Company’s Implement Systems?


2.  When Is It Time To Formally Implement Systems?

Take the first one first.  Put simply, there is one reason why company’s don’t implement systems: Management doesn’t KNOW they need to implement Systems.  What the heck are “Systems” anyway?  Real quick, your company’s systems are those magical little engines that run your company like clockwork while you go do other important stuff.  Maybe you, as the owner, need to go start another company, or play golf, or go on vacation.  Your systems, or predefined and implemented structures by which your company operates, can make sure your employees, vendors, customers, etc. do what they are supposed to do while you are away.

But management doesn’t know they need such engines.  They don’t know they exist.  They don’t know of their value.  They don’t know how to design them.  And that’s Why they don’t implement them. 

The “When” of the implementation can be tricky.  You implement systems before you need them.  You anticipate the need for systems.  This is almost the same thing as anticipating growth in your company.  When growth occurs, do your systems help your company run smoothly, or do you enter into the “chaos zone”?  If you have decided to run a company, then you need to go ahead and orchestrate the use and design of systems (before you start work!!). 

This is all a franchise has to offer… a system.  They know how to print, or change oil in 15 minutes, or pick up your junk.  But they also know what Systems are for, when to implement them and why.  And guess what?  They are selling their system to you.  Pretty cool, huh?  And for most people, it’s a pretty good idea to go into a business that already has a system set up.  If you follow their “system”, then you can have a somewhat safe guarantee of your income and future. 

So, work on your company’s systems and prosper (and then sell your company system as a franchise).

This series will go into further detail as to the implementation of systems… why and when.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

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