engines-cogs-_1.jpg  This is the first installment in the Systems Series – Your Company’s Systems Must Be Installed.

In my original Systems post (found here), we talked about 10 reasons/issues behind the importance of your company’s systems.  The first topic involves installing your company’s systems.  In other words, you can’t just design a system in your office – you have to install it.  Here are a few ways you can formally install the systems:

1.  Perform a  re-hire.  If your structure is struggling, then start a new year with a re-hire.  Re-hire everyone to the same position, but this time do it with systems in place for everyone to follow.  Interview them again and let them know of the systems in your company, how they operate, why they were set up in this particular manner, and ask for buy-in.  They’ll feel like they’ve been re-hired into a new company.

2.  Hire a consultant to install them for you.  Obviously, I like this one.  I do this for my clients through my consulting CPA firm.  But seriously, if you can’t enact the change then you may need a professional to do it for you.  You may be too busy, or you may just need some guidance; either way, a good consultant can be seen by your employees as having some expertise in this subject area and may effect more buy-in with your staff.

3.  Install the Systems with your annual performance review process.  I’m assuming you do an annual performance review with all of your employees.  Part of the process should be some one-on-one time talking about the company’s systems, what you expect regarding the performance of these systems, that employee’s role concerning the systems, and how to perform them properly.

4.  Make sure you “sell” the systems.  Tell your employees why the systems were created, why they are good to follow them, how they make your company better than all other companies, how they will make everyone in your organization successful, etc.  If they see your enthusiasm about the systems, then they will be more apt to follow them.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

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