engines-cogs-_3.jpg We are still covering the 10 issues/reasons behind installing Systems in your Company (What are Systems? ) – this being #3 in the Series

Reviewing the Systems in your Company is a serious investment.  Installing them is even more serious (because you followed through).  These magic little engines that run your company like clockwork (while you, as the owner, may be away) eliminate inefficiencies in your operations.  And eliminated inefficiencies typically mean

(1) more profit – eliminating inefficiencies equals eliminating unnecessary expenses, thus creating more bottom line

(2) happier employees – when employees know what to do and what is expected of them, they tend to be happier

(3) customers/clients who are happy – likewise, when your customers know what to expect from you (consistency), they feel more secure and tend to trust you more (which should lead to more sales), and

(4) more time for the owner – a growing company needs less of the owner, if possible.  Managing that growth is a full time job for the owner.  She does not need to be managing inefficiencies

I need more time in our company.  I’ll be hiring some new employees in the new year so I can devote more time to branding our firm, networking with big wigs, and bringing in more business.  The systems installed in our company are going to really help me in the new year when I’ll be busy OUT of the office bringing in new business.  I anticipate my company running with lesser inefficiencies than before simply because the systems have been installed.  Now, everything doesn’t always run smoothly.  But you have to have systems in place before you even know if they are working or not.  In fact, installed systems bring even more inefficiencies to light (…that you can further eliminate).  They will probably be the smaller inefficiencies that you never would have noticed had you not installed systems in the first place.  Pretty freakin’ cool.  Another Thriveal Mantra: “When you do things right, it helps you continue to do things better.”  Pretty freakin’ cool.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

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