engines-cogs-_4.jpg   Are Your Resources Stretched?  (This is the #4 post in the Systems Series)

A lot of small businesses stretch their resources to the point they may snap!  Hey… resources are valuable things when you’re trying to make a living.  Quit fiddling with them like they grow on trees.  You know, resources like your employees, your money, your line of credit, your computer system, your knowledge, the 24/7 we all have, your amount of sleep, etc.

Implementing Systems (those magic little engines that invisibly run your business like clockwork) in your company will take a lot of resources (mentioned above), so BUDGET those resources.  When it comes time to implement systems, you want some resources left to throw at the implementation of your Company’s Systems.  You will be glad!

Among others, here are some overarching resources you’ll need to implement those valuable Systems:

1.  Money.  Moolah.  Cash.  This stuff really does spend well, doesn’t it?  And it helps when you are about to start implementing Systems in your company.  Some major assistance you may need when implementing Systems may be professional assistance.  We are hiring a PR firm to send our firm soaring in 2008, and it will cost money.  This firm will be key to continuing the marketing/branding Systems during this year and in the near term.  I hope my clients see the value in my services (and they cost money).  My clients’ Systems of tax planning, cash management, business operations can be greatly enhanced with my services.  Cash is obviously one of the greatest resources you will commit to the implementation of your Company’s Systems.  Make sure you got some when it’s time.

2.  People are also a huge resource (I hope that was obvious to you).  People cost money, and good people cost more money.  Payroll is the biggest expense on a service-based businesses’ P&L.  But the resource expense is worth it.  You can’t implement good Systems in your company without good people to uphold, carry and better those Systems.  It takes people to put “legs” to the Systems.  And remember, you get what you pay for.  Low pay means low experience and education, which means less effectual Systems.  And that hurts EVERYONE in the company.  It’s all about the folks…

3.   Time.  Whoa.  That is something nobody has enough of.  Time is a valuable resource, and can certainly be wasted.  Thankfully, it can be enhanced too… with the right Systems.  But you need time to make the right Systems which in turn give you more time (ahhhh… its all so confusing!).  Be careful with your day.  Each minute wasted is a minute not devoted to the right priorities in your Company… one of those being to implement good Systems to help your company run smoothly, more profitability, and with joy.  Take time AWAY from those unprofitable things that are stealing your time and GIVE it to those tasks that enhance your business and relationships.

These resources are huge.  There are many other, more specific resources I could touch on, but I felt these overarching ones were the biggest and most important.

Let me know how you manage these three resources…

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

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