A few short points about finding joy:

1.  Some struggle with what they do (be it a relationship, a job, a situation, etc.).  But if you can look back over your life, you’ll see that a lot of those past struggles were preparing you for the abilities and successes you now enjoy.  What are you going through now that will bring great rays of light into your future?  What is God teaching you now that will change your future for the better?

2.  Comparatively, finding joy is difficult.  That is, you can always find someone better and in a better situation.  You’ll find it difficult to find joy using comparisons.  Stop that.

3.  We think joy comes in the big things.  Not so.  There are many joys you experience each day.  It’s just that this complicated world of stuff, schedules and to-dos keep us from seeing them.  My potentially unnoticed joys (some may seem small to you, but they are “joys” nonetheless): my wife cooks a meal for our family each night so we can all be together, my wife and I love each other deeply (after 15 years of marriage), my parents love my wife and my wife’s parents love me, my three daughters are healthy, my work is hard but fulfilling, I tend to develop deep friendships, we enjoy a great church, my dog doesn’t shed, I get to work in a business with my dad, my brother is a true friend, etc.

4.  Finding joy doesn’t mean finding happiness.  Sometime our sadness can be joyful.  Any examples?

I’m feeling introspective today…

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer