Today is my Mother’s birthday, and it is truly a day to celebrate!  She has been the cornerstone of strength in our family for so long, and through so many issues.  Her boys have put her through the ringer these past 30 or so years, but she’s been long-suffering, accommodating and loyal to us all.

So, in honor of my Mother, I’ll post a poem I wrote for her and my Dad when my brother and I sent them on an Alaskan cruise last year…

how great the sun to light each day
to illumine our weary ways
and, too, the moon, its small companion,
a gift in evening rays,

and note the might in nature seen
the tall and aged tree
to span it’s stoutly branches heav’nward
to reach and brush the breeze

though great these gifts from nature seen
gifts from God on high,
a mother and a father
are by far the better prize

for theirs the soul they give each child
to prosper and to give
they lay a lasting legacy
for the child to see and live

worn and weary are their hands
cheeks stained from many tears
with faiths now strong, abiding still
prayers to God span years

a tribute to our father, our mother
paternal strength that guides
a tribute to your legacy
now in our lives abides

This definitely speaks to my Mother’s commitment to our family through some hard times.  But she continues on in strength (her strength definitely comes from the Lord).  She is a wonderful woman, a grandmother who adores her grandchildren, a committed wife, still a loving Mother to me and my brother and an all-around servant to everyone she meets (just ask the 80 to 90 homeless peoples she feeds every Tuesday night).

Mom, I love you.  You are truly the bomb (that means I like you a lot).

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer