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She is a very special woman, and I would be lost in this world without her.  She is so devoted to our family, and makes daily sacrifices for me and our three daughters.  She can’t wait to get up on each and every holiday just to set our table with our children’s gifts and toys.  This morning, she set the table with red plates and napkins and placed a red Valentine’s gift bag for each kid at their seat.  She loves our three daughters… a lot!

And she loves me well, too.  It’s weird, but I am the only man she could ever love.  She lives that out and I totally believe it to be true.  Even though I question her taste in men sometimes, I can delight in my wife’s love for me.

It makes me love her all the more.  It is a delight to love someone the way I love my wife.  Though I am not always the best husband in the world, my wife is the apple of my eye, and I couldn’t imagine life without her.  She is truly my great love.

Thanks, Babe, for all that you are to me.  I love you, tons!