Tax season officially ended this past Tuesday, and I have been out of commission since the beginning of January.

We have been busy…

1  doing a lot of business tax returns

2  doing a lot of individual tax returns

3  starting a management consulting engagement in Atlanta

4  assisting with an internationally-related internal embezzlement case

5  wrapping up another “two-partners-fighting” fraud case

6  hiring and firing three or four new people in our firm (and training)

We’ve definitely been busy, and I’m enjoying a break now (we are taking a few days off after tax season) with my family.  I’ve missed them.

Here is what’s coming up…

1  our Thriveal Business Success Series classes start in late May (brochures are coming out in the mail soon – email me at to receive one),

2  we are going to be focusing on our marketing campaigns a little more with our PR firm, and hiring a marketing intern for the summer,

3  we received a big box of books from John L. Herman “Herman” (entrepreneurial guru of and will be hopefully doing a blog interview post with Herman soon, and giving away some of his awesome books in a contest (stay tuned!) 

That’s about it (and that’s plenty).  I’m tired and I need a break.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer