Marketing is being discussed more and more these days.  My business clients, articles in the newspaper and the economy leads us to talk about how to market more effectively.

And future trends seem to be leading the way to niche marketing as a way to thrive (not survive).  Proper niche marketing allows for focused service, focused price-setting and a focused way of measuring your marketing results.

Check this quote out from Melanie Lindner in a recent Forbes writeup:  

Rather than trying to capture 1% to 2% of a giant global market, startups should aim to capture 25% to 40% of a niche market, advises John De Puy, chief executive of Oaktree Ventures, a San Diego-based venture capital firm. “Define and dominate,” he says. “That’s the secret sauce.”

It’s hard to win when “everyone” is your client.  How can you reach them all?  Which person will give you your next sell?  How do you know when you are best spending your advertising dollars?  It’s hard to know when you lose sight of your niche.

Check this quote out from marketing expert John Jantsch in a recent post on his site:

If you can become known by a very narrow target market for doing something very specifically unique in a way that your customers adore, you will no longer compete on price and no longer live at the mercies of the ups and downs beyond your control.

Why the change to niche marketing?  Because the world of business is changing.  Due to technology and the means by which we all do business, our world has become bigger.  That is, your customer base has become bigger.  You can do work, or become an expert, or consult with someone from anywhere in the world now. 

That allows you to narrow your focus, in an extreme way.  That allows you to focus on your best work, and make offerings to a smaller group of customers… located all over the world.

Try it.  Narrow your focus.  Become excellent at what you do.  Now charge people for it.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer