1.  Get two free books from SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business”.  SCORE is giving away How to Really Start Your Business and How to Really Structure Your Business to anyone signing up on their site – GoSee. (Thanks to Duct Tape Marketing blog for the tip).

2.  Interesting tax returns – George W’s (and Laura’s) 2007 tax return can be seen here.  But they didn’t make as much as Dick Cheney and his wife (see here if you don’t believe me).  Obama’s 2007 return can be seen here.  Check out the estimate of the Clinton’s 2007 income  (not too shabby at over $20 million).  Where did I get all of this juicy stuff from? – GoSee

3.  A weak dollar helps some US-based companies (those exporting outside of the US).  More and more there seems to be a trend toward US-based manufacturing companies exporting to more demanding emerging countries (like China and India).  Emerging countries are starting to drive more demand than they used to.  Maybe the US will stop hording everything and start sharing with the other parts of the world (as shared with us from the Small Biz Labs blog) – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer