This article so eloquently summarizes how I feel about the “big bad economy”.  Though it’s funny, it really has a lot of truth in it.  “The economy” tends to make us afraid to expand our businesses and operate efficiently and profitability. 

And that fear keeps us from providing value to our clients and charging for it.  Which is the main beef of this post – good quality businesses that don’t charge for what they do.

My dad said it best when he shared this quote in one of our recent THRIVEal business classes that we teach to our clients:

Good work is not cheap!  Cheap work is not good!

I want my clients to be the experts that charge more than anyone and deliver high-end value and quality that can’t be found anywhere else.  Don’t lower your fees for fear of the “economic downturn”.  The “economic downturn” exists due to fear in the media, and it can’t make the small businesses in this country fail.  Scared business owners can make a small business fail, but not the “economic downturn”.

So don’t be afraid to expand during this “economic downturn” (whatever the heck that is).  Add value in ways no one else is, and CHARGE FOR IT!  Now is the time to gain ground and take over market share that is not currently being protected very well.  Your clients may not be able to reiterate it, but they are familiar with the phrase:

Good work is not cheap!  Cheap work is not good!

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer