1.  Our firm always focuses on the “price vs. value” that our clients deliver to their customers.  Seth’s blog always has a good word, and this one is awesome, short but sweet – GoSee

2.  In “Opportunity Knocks – Selling Our Services to the World,” a report from The Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, we find that our nation is exporting a lot more services outside the US.  There has been a steady increase from almost 20% in 1980 to almost 30% in 2007.  The report is a pretty good skim although a little lengthy (maybe because it was written by a lot of smart economists, most of whom are bald), but very informative nonetheless – GoSee

3.  Major computing changes on the horizon: openness, data portability and cloud computing, Papadopoulos makes a prediction – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer