This is me after a meeting with my Business CoachI always enjoy my meetings with my business coach (see me in the picture to the left after a recent meeting – however, I don’t remember those clouds).  I’m always challenged because he keeps asking “why?”  It gets hard always answering that question, but I truly need it.

He mentioned a talk he did recently for some financial nerds somewhere and told them about Three Entrepreneurial Phases of Growth: (1) Lead Generation, (2) Lead Conversion, and (3) a Client “Wow” Process.

The first phase finds them, the second one gets them, and the third one keeps them.  I identified that we don’t do enough to keep our clients.  He scared me when he said other CPAs are out there looking for your clients.  And now YOU (yes, YOU dang it) can take that to heart – there are other industries and businesses hunting down your clients right now – what are you doing about it?

Here is what I’m going to do to keep my clients:

1  Everytime I sign up a new client, we are going to mail them a thank you letter with a piece of firm collateral.  The firm collateral will tell them everything we do, will highlight our theories of operating and serving our clients, and will remind them of why they chose us in the first place.

2  We will break all of our clients down into one of three categories: Gold, Silver or Bronze.   Depending on which clients provide the most income to our firm, the most referrals, the most blah blah blah, will be in the Gold category.  The ones whom we serve periodically will be Silver, while the ones we see only annually will be Bronze.  “Why don’t you just serve everyone as if they are a Gold client?” you may say.  To that I say, “what a stupid question” (just kidding).  Actually, that’s a good question.  The reason is because as you grow YOU WILL NOT be able to serve everyone like a Gold, and when you have started serving everyone as a Gold client, then you must continue or they will notice and get ticked off.  So, serve your clients according to the value that they add to your firm, or you’ll load yourself down providing Customer Service you can’t continue to support (and stop asking stupid questions).

3  We will implement a more proactive Customer Service Program that focuses on our Gold, Silver and Bronze clients.  I already know who my Gold clients are, and they will probably start receiving Customer Service calls from someone in my firm (not me) to see how we are doing, and to ask them what else they need.  Gold clients will also receive small gifts every now and then.  Our Silver clients will probably receive a call quarterly and a note from me every now and then just to say “thanks”.  And our Bronze clients will probably receive a call once a year just to say “thanks”. 

4  We will probably start sending “Thanksgiving” cards to every client in the firm.  This seems like an innovative way to say “Thank You” since no one else sends “Thanksgiving” cards.

What are you going to do to KEEP your clients?  (because I’m trying hard to take them).

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer