1.  LPs are coming back.  “What’s that?,” asks my wife.  “It’s what you scratch on a turntable,” so I say (she doesn’t appreciate Run DMC).  Anyway, according to the article, the come back of LPs is due in large part to the iPod.  Huh?  As reported, “Everything got so sterile with digital that people were not spending time with the physical manifestation of their music.” Huh? – GoSee

2.  The IRS split a year again where you’ll be tracking mileage at 50.5 cents/mile for the first half of the year, and as of July 1, 2008, you’ll be tracking the deductible mileage rate at 58.5 cents/mile.  Now when we do tax returns for our clients, we’ll have to ask for the mileage for the first half of the year, and the mileage for the second half of the year.  Here’s a good blog about this change – GoSee

3.  Did you know that the minimum wage is going up again on July 24, 2008?  It will be $6.55/hour on that date.  Then, changes to the law will kick it up another 11% on July 24, 2009 to $7.25/hour.  What joy – we have a government helping us know what to pay our employees.  I’m so glad they’ve researched our small businesses, our costs, our labor burdens and have made a blanket generalized statement about what we should be paying our employees (that last part was sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell).  In honor of this change, here’s a beautiful and poignant history of the minimum wage – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer