Uncle Sam's hat fell over - guess what's inside?
Uncle Sam’s hat fell over – guess what’s inside?

Our clients, and other non-nerdy people, often talk about their “income” being taxable.  They use “income” in a general sense.  Grass-cutting money, your whopping paycheck and the credit card debt you defaulted on last month are all considered income by the IRS.  A lot of people may mistakenly think you multiply your “income” by your tax rate.

However, us nerdy CPAs speak in terms of “taxable income.”  Income is everything you got paid or constructively earned (i.e., you might not have gotten it, but its gonna’ get taxed anyway because it’s considered income by the IRS).  And from this “income,” you deduct allowable deductions (itemized or standard) and your exemptions.  THEN, you multiply your tax rate by your “taxable income” to determine what you owe Sam (that’s kinda’ how it works).
So, remember, you may be talking about “income”, but your CPA (don’t have a CPA? – I know a good one) is probably talking about “taxable income,” which is totally different.
Now, go do stuff with all of those smarts you have – you owe it to America.

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