1.  You don’t have to talk to people you don’t want to talk to anymore.  Slydial let’s you bypass a “live” phone call and go directly to their voicemail.  Wow.  There are many applications for this (you can be a coward now and break up with your girlfriend without having to talk to her!).  Just call the Slydial number and the service will forward you to the voicemail of your choice.  Maybe you’ll find it makes you more efficient (as opposed to a coward) – GoSee

2.  There is an interesting summary of an old economic development strategy at one of my fav blogs.  It’s called Economic Gardening and the premise behind the strategy makes a lot of sense.  Basically, economic development should shift from going out and finding the big businesses and offering tons of tax-free incentives, to building the local small businesses in the community.  After all, as reported, small business creates 70 to 80% of all net new US private sector jobs in the US.  Makes sense to me (let me know what you think) – GoSee

3.  The Back-to-School Tax holidays are coming up for many states.  Here is a blog post with a chart that shows the states that offer the sales tax holidays, and what is exempt from the tax – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer