1.  Want to know if you made a good hire recently, and if your employees are committed to you for the long-term?  Offer your new employee $1,000 to leave after 30 days.  Interesting.  The company Zappos does it (and I’ve heard they are upping the anti soon, if not already) – GoSee

2.  How to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging to boost your business (cool, I’m using all four at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and, of course, our Blog)  – GoSee

3.  Is Google Cuil?  Cuil is pronounced “cool” for those of you un-cuil people that didn’t know that, and it’s the latest search engine out there (created by a bunch of Google defectors).  They claim it’s bigger and better than Google and that it guards privacy better.  It’s definitely a prettier search engine than Google (it lays out searches in a more desirable format, I think), and has raised some $33 million in VC – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer