I’ve been considering an MBA for quite some time.  Our firm is doing a good bit more consulting, and our clients are interested in our knowledge of business and how to be more effective, profitable and effective in the marketplace.

I’ve often wondered, “would a formal MBA assist me in my endeavors to become a better consultant?”  Would it be worth my time, my money, the sacrifices may family would have to make?  So, I start asking a lot of people I trust to give me their untainted opinions on the subject.  My partners, my colleagues, my business coach, my networking contacts, and of course, my very wise wife.

But to write this blog weekly and provide consistent good content to my readers, I listen to around 10 podcasts per week, subscribe to around 35 blog feeds per week, read through many white papers and other topics of interest to me and my clientele.  In addition, I read management and consulting books when I can (mostly, I listen to them on my iPhone).  So, am I not already providing my own MBA education, of sorts?  It does help me in my work, in my writing, in my thinking, and ultimately in the production of consulting income from my clients.

Then, I stumble upon the Personal MBA, a non-accredited way to get your own MBA.  It’s simply a list of some of the best business books around, with available discussion forums on the site available for further discussion of the books you’re reading.  And it’s getting some face time (see here and here).

So, now my thoughts are turning toward the Personal MBA (I’ve always loved the non-traditional).  I need some guidance.  What do you think?