1.  Universal McCann, a media communication’s agency who’s slogan is “The Future Happens Immediately. The Next Thing is Now,” has just released their third wave report on internet usage in the world.  With statistics such as 73% of people have read a blog, and 184M bloggers exist in the world today, to 83% of all survey participants have watched video clips online, it is now true that just having a web site is no longer enough.  The world will not put up with your static site anymore.  This research report may help push you to Web 2.0 – GoSee

2.  Do you like Google?  Did you know Google and other search engines are only barely touching the surface of the web?  There is something called the deep web, or invisible web – web sites, databases, and other info not crawlable by search engines.  In the wikipedia estimate, less than .05% of the web has been crawled by search engines such as Google.  Some are now researching the possibility of making the deep web more available to users – GoSee

3.  Interesting statistics on small businesses over at the Small Business Labs blog.  Interesting that 80% of the over 17 million small businesses in the research project by the SBA have income less than $50k per year – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer