1.  Cloud computing is big (I’ve mentioned it before), which is a concept where all of your computing is done online instead of locally on your own PC.  Now there is an online operating system to further enhance people’s move to online computers.  Login to your desktop online at eyeOS – GoSee

2.  Twitter is pretty cool but it’s hard to know whom to follow (unless you want to follow me, then you just have to click here).  After all, you can’t search by category (maybe by word or person’s name), but it’s awful hard to find the right people to follow.  Now you can search Twitter microbloggers at Twellow – GoSee

3.  Web 2.0 is not Enterprise 2.0.  Huh?  That is, the consumer web is not necessarily the enterprise web (or corporate-side, as I like to think about it).  For example, Twitter and Facebook are more of a consumer based application, and not necessarily for use in the enterprise world.  This interesting article (from a fav blog the{app}gap) speaks to a complement to Twitter, called Socialcast, as more of a enterprise version – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer