I met with a client the other day to do some high-end tax planning for all of his entities.  He is a manufacturer, so I thought it might be doom and gloom in this economy.  Not so…

He is like a lot of our other clients – innovative, with an eye to his business… not the economy.  The economy is down due to uncertainty with the housing market, and the seizure of credit.  But that is not affecting my client.  Their businesses are still humming, and they have a lot to offer.

One reason he is still doing well is because his company’s motto is “American Quality and Ingenuity,” and boy does he live up to his motto!  He freakin’ knows what he is doing, can do it better than the next guy, runs his company well, preaches “quality” to everyone and is always innovating, trying new things, and reshaping his operational structures for higher efficiency and profitability.  He always aims for better than last time…

You can too.  Your business can be innovative with a high focus on quality.  You can thrive in this marketplace, no matter what the newspaper says.  The newspaper doesn’t know anything about YOUR business.  Watch your business, be innovative and be commited to quality, and you’ll be noticed.

By the way, this American manufacturer just quoted and brought back a bunch of jobs from India and China!  How’s that for American Ingenuity?

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer