As of November 1, our firm has been officially publishing a blog at  I wanted to share 1 thing I’ve learned about blogging after attempting the task for 1 year:

1  Writing good business content requires that you read good blog feeds from other business sources and to find a blogging rhythm is difficult so you have to actually blog to get that rhythm going but you must remember that your busy season is the most difficult time to try and keep your posts up, and if you don’t promote what you write then no one will read it, so you need a solid email publisher to send your message out, but that won’t do you any good unless you glean email addresses from your clients that you can use to keep your firm name in front of your clients but they still won’t read your posts unless you show some consistency as to types of posts that they can rely on to get business acumen from and if your posts are too long, NO ONE in the world will spend their precious time reading your brilliant insight into the world of freakin’ finance especially if you have no direct knowledge about what you are writing, and above all else don’t consider rss subscription numbers and page hits as marks of success since you are doing it for your clients anyway and not for your own petty fame, although you can’t ignore your blog analytics if you want your readership to grow, but you need to get over your bad self and redirect your focus to good consistent content without plagiarizing content from Seth Godin or Darren Rowse, and NEVER EVER use run on sentences… it makes you look like an idiot.

Thanks to our consistent readers who have been with us throughout this one year journey.  We love all 3 of you.