…then spend time with them.

Your employees need you to lead them, train them, and inspire them.  Infiltrate their work processes and mindsets with reasons behind why they are doing what they are doing.  Don’t ever let your employees get away with “just coming to work.”  If they ever succumb to this mindset, then it’s the owners fault.

It takes time to spend time with your employees.  But five employees can represent you to the world and touch your clients five times faster than you can.  But they can do it wrong, too.  Lead them, train them, and inspire them so that when they represent you to the world they get it right.

The bigger your organization becomes and the more employees you have, the more inward-focused your time must become.  Turn your time to your employees and your organization’s health.  Lead them.  Train them.  Inspire them.  

Watch your organization grow.  Watch their joy increase.  Watch your profits soar.