Through discussions with my business coach, I learned that I have been managing our CPA firm with the same methods and strategies I used 5 years ago.  The only problem: our firm is 4 times the size it was 5 years ago.  My time management is not working anymore, because I basically don’t have any time management skills.  Duh.

Well, as usual, my coach challenges me to improve myself and start developing some methods to better use my time.  And if I don’t, I’ll implode eventually and my wife will never see me again (because I’ll always be at work).  And our firm won’t be able to grow because I’m clogging up the system.  I’m the problem.

So my coach told me about a system called a Model Day, which I’ve recoined to “Model Week“.  Beginning in the new year, I’m going to attempt to model in Google Calendar what a typical week will look like for me.  I have to be extremely flexible to meet the needs of our staff and clients, but the “Model Week” gives a framework to structure my day by.  If used correctly, it will eventually train me, my staff and my clients as to what I’ll be doing (and when I’ll be doing it) in a typical week.

A Sunday planning time of about an hour or so will be critical to manage the upcoming week and tweek it depending on the appointments with my clients, needs of my family and other requests of my time.  This planning time will allow the Model Week to by my guide, but not my overlord.

I might fail a few times before I get it right, but (as my wife says) “anything worth doing, is worth doing wrong”.  That means, “keep trying.”  Even if you get it wrong, you’ve still moved forward an inch or two.  And you’ll be better the next go around.

I think I can share my Google Calendar with anyone who wants it.  Just send your request for that to me at:  thriveal [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Now I’m going to Disney World for the rest of the week, which is NOT on my calendar…