We serve three main groups in our firmThe Medical Group (doctors, dentists, etc.), The Professional Group (attorneys, engineers, real estate, CPAs, etc.) and The Creative Group (designers, web developers, artists, illustrators, etc.).

It’s pretty well known that it’s hard to make a living in the Creative category… or at least that is what most people think.  Are the creatives lacking in entrepreneurial ability?  How about valuable offerings or business acumen?  Any business strategy out there among my creative clients?  Freak yeah!  We don’t serve clients that lack these abilities.  We fire them (really, we do).  There are no business endeavors that you can’t learn from, exploit for profit or further your business knowledge in.  And if there are, you need to find a new job.

I have many young creatives who are totally concerned about proper business tax structures, internal business processes, and growing efficiently and profitably. They give me business books I need to read.  That’s why this article totally intrigued me.  Dr. Elliot McGucken, who teaches Artistic Entrepreneurs at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill says, “those who create art should have the skills to own it, profit from it and protect it.”  Amen, dang it.  Preach it.  He must’a been in my class.

As I said at a recent talk I gave to some other professionals we serve, “if you can’t track it, profit from it and know why you are failing, then go get a real job.”

This change in the entrepreneurial knowledge of creatives excites me, and that is why we serve this group.  They have a vision and can apply it to business (which is really art anyway).  So, creatives, no more excuses… profit in your industry or go get a real job.