pur_logoI like Procter & Gamble’s recent campaigns to attack the bottled water industry.  Pur Water is taking advantage of the green movement and directly attacking the use of water sold in a bottle… that remains forever in a landfill after one use.  But with Pur, or “responsible water”, there is only good pure water (naked – no bottle).

P&G has decided to put The Spin on the bottled water industry, and turn the reason for it’s popularity around against it.  They are taking the advantages of bottled water (bottled water is available anywhere you go even when no tap is readily available), and putting a 45 million dollar campaign behind it just to say “bottled water is bad for the environment.”

It’s working.  Double digit growth in the bottled water industry had declined to some 1% in the first quarter of 2008.  The PUR ads are certainly getting noticed…

And you can do the same thing in your industry.  Spin your competition back on its head.  Think of what your competition prides itself on, then create a worst case scenario of their current competitive advantage.  Then change your market spin to be the opposite of that worst case scenario.  Then start letting your customers know about your “new” advantage.  You might want to run your new ad campaign by someone first, to make sure you don’t look like a ding-a-ling.

Happy campaigning!