Met with my business coach again yesterday…  and he railed on me again.  In a nice way, but I had it coming.  This monthly outside scrutiny has become something I rely on heavily.

One thing I’ve learned at 37 years of age is that I haven’t learned much.  This epiphany has changed my life.  It causes me to look to my coach, my dad, my friends at church, my wife and anyone else I can to learn and grow in my work and life.  I don’t turn anyone down who is ready to offer me free advice (from the rich snob to the humble homeless man).

Though you may not think about it very often, outside scrutiny is REQUIRED if you own a business or manage people.  But you are so busy day to day that you don’t actually seek it out.  Outside scrutiny has brought me:

  1. Fresh thoughts on my marketing plans (or lack thereof),
  2. Assistance with the consideration of new business lines of revenue,
  3. More effective ways to manage my time,
  4. Elimination of unproductive activities or ideas,
  5. Creation of new friendships and/or business contacts,
  6. Confirmation of who to hire and who to fire,
  7. Assistance with developing clarity in our firm’s methods of service to our clients,
  8. Knowledge about many things I’ve never had time to learn about,
  9. Contradictory relationships that make me sharper in my business knowledge and general understandings,
  10. Challenges to consider the time I spend with work vs. family,
  11. Relationships with people who can NOT enhance my business but certainly engage my heart,
  12. Suggestions on business books that enhance who I am as a leader,
  13. etc, etc, etc.

There are many more (can you think of anymore?).  I need this scrutiny and so do you.  There is wisdom in seeking outside scrutiny – in fact your business and relationships depend on it!