Dr. Felder and Dr. Randall)

Front: (l to r) Dr. Anderson, Dr. Kennon, Dr. Luther, Dr. Phillips, Back: (l to r) Jason M. Blumer, CPA, Dr. Marshall, Rana M. Sargent, Hospital Manager (not pictured: Dr. Felder and Dr. Randall)

In our recent Tax Season Letter to our clients, we mentioned that we would begin highlighting one of our amazing clients each month.  This month kicks off with the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville, SC.  We interviewed Rana M. Sargent, the exceptional Manager of the Hospital with our monthly questions: 

 1. What have you or your organization done to remain competitive and successful?

We work hard on a daily basis to develop and grow our most important asset – our people.  Simultaneously we have worked hard to find the leaders in other industries/fields so that when we must outsource a skill, we have just the right firm supporting us.


2. What do you or your organization foresee as the greatest business obstacle in the near future?


Given the uncertain state of the economic stability of our nation, we will be challenged to work within the constricted financial boundaries of our clients while continuing to provide a better quality of veterinary medicine.


3. What do you enjoy most about your work?


Everyone who works at the Animal Emergency Clinic finds great joy in caring for our patients.  We all feel very fortunate that we are able to earn a living by helping to provide quality veterinary emergency and critical care to these animals so that they in turn may continue to positively influence the lives of their human companions and our community as whole.


4. What has the Blumer firm done to assist you in furthering your business and it’s operations?


The Blumer firm provides excellent accounting services on a daily basis.  They have assisted us in streamlining our chart of accounts, finding the appropriate monthly reports to serve our needs, and have been a great resource for us whenever we have a question.  We truly appreciate the time the firm has spent getting to know the interworkings of veterinary medicine and how our clinic fits into this field.  Most importantly, they use their knowledge, creativity, and forward thinking on a continuous basis to offer suggestions and provide services to allow us to operate more soundly, to grow our business, and to maintain our position at the forefront of our industry.

Jason M. Blumer, CPA teaching the board on financials matters.

Jason M. Blumer, CPA teaching the board on financials matters.


chuckle, chuckle, giggle, giggle

chuckle, chuckle, giggle, giggle