1.  Since my wife is a die hard coupon user, I thought this post was interesting.  It goes over the life of a coupon.  I’ve actually talked with my wife about a new business model for coupon use totally based on digital means (i.e. with a digital coupon reader, or coupon e-card, etc.).  Coupons and their users don’t really have digital means to process these savings.  Maybe you’ll think it’s interesting – GoSee

2.  I thought this article was interesting, very practical and a quick read.  Since our firm does fraud/forensic consulting and litigation support, I thought it would be helpful for our clients to consider “10 Practical Steps to Help Prevent Fraud”.  Thanks to Michelle Long, CPA, my Twitter friend, for this link – GoSee

3.  Good lessons from some big entrepreneurs and CEOs – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer