When my family and I moved to Greenville in May of 2003, I took such a big salary cut that I eventually got a paper route in a high end neighborhood to make ends meet (after my daughter broke her arm and ran up a bunch of bills).

What a rough time that was… personally and for our business.  I was departing on a journey to build a business and didn’t know if I could do it and what it would take.  There wasn’t enough income to pay me a salary so my dad said you can come but you’ll have to go earn your salary.  What a scary situation to be in… but what a motivation!  I had a wife and some little kids so this move had to work.  God was going to have to do His work to meet our needs.

I remember calling the Greenville Magazine one day and tried to get my name in the back of the magazine to announce that I had come to work with my dad.  I had a little trouble because I wasn’t an advertiser, and they mentioned that they would fit me in if they could.  When it finally came out, I quickly checked the back of the magazine to see if my goofball picture and announcement had been listed.  I finally made it after a month or two… and I’m sure you never saw the announcement.  Big freakin’ whoop.

So my journey to build my business had started, with a lot fear driving me to put groceries on the table.  I began calling people I had some slight introduction to, sent letters to introduce myself and took many people to lunch.  I gave tax seminars, fed free information to our clients and gave my time to people I wanted to serve.

Now, I’ve made it to the cover of the magazine, and developing real relationships has been the reason.  I’ve learned so much in the almost 6 years it took me to go from the back to the front of the Greenville Magazine.  And we intend to grow in major ways in the very near future, and our pledge is to serve you as our clients, build real solid relationships with you, and commit our time and resources to serve you better each year.  I believe we can still do this even if we grow… I’m asking you to keep us in check.

Thank you Greenville for letting us serve you – we are in awe that we get to serve some of the best clients in the South.  You are truly the bomb, and I love you.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer