image-from-netsearchdirect.comOur firm has some innovative ways to enhance and help professional and medical practices learn more about their business.  We can help them know more about the financial and operational aspects of their practices in ways they’ve not known before.  And it’s an approach that other firms simply can’t compete with.  And we’re passionate about teaching our clients these truths.

But this service doesn’t have a “package” yet.  It has a process that works, but not the outside clothing to identify what that service is to our clients.  We currently perform this service for some clients, but there are still so many more that don’t know what we can do, and what they can have in their practices.

I’m working with my business coach on developing this new service in our firm because I need a face to this “product”.  It’s hard to sell something you are passionate about, but which no one else can see the benefit in.  I believe I can enhance what we are selling with the right “product packaging”.

So I’m not really in search of a service… I’m in search of the “packaging” to go with the innovative way our firm performs these services.

Do you offer services that are innovative, and highly valuable to your clients?  Do you have the proper packaging to be able to sell them to the public?  Tell me how you do it in the comments.  I need help, dang it.