Below are the comments I left on Dawn Rivers Baker’s blog a few days ago:

Dawn, I actually apply your points to “why I fire my clients.” We keep a squeaky clean client list because I get to choose to do business with people who:

(a) value what we do (since we’re good at it),

(b) understand and value the fact that we must work with clients who value what we do, and

(c) value what they do enough to pay me to teach them how to run their businesses smarter, more efficiently and more profitably.

A lot of people get skirmish when I talk about firing clients… especially when I’m talking to clients.  But let me be honest, in this new global economy, our firm only has to do business with clients who meet the above three criteria.  It’s wide open out there, and we choose to work with clients who value what we do.  Value is one of the main reasons why we keep serving our clients.

You do a disservice to your clients when you DON’T fire the bad ones because you eventually provide poor service to those you don’t want to serve.  Do yourself a favor (and your clients), let them go so they can get the service they crave elsewhere if in fact they don’t crave what you offer.

And I hope my current clients see that we value them so much that we are unwilling to allow dead weight to remain on our client list and hinder our service to the clients who value what we do.

Hear me good clients: I love to serve you, and I am willing to do all things necessary to continue providing the best service to you.

Hear me bad clients: your days are numbered (and the number is very small).

Got any “why I fire my clients” stories?  Share them in the comments, would ya?