1.  The Summer Semester of the Founder Institute, a four month program designed to train the next entrepreneurs, is about to get under way (and applications are due May 10th).  The curriculum is designed to walk “founders” through a process of setting up their new ventures properly and finally ask for funds at the end of the semester.  Maybe you should apply – GoSee 

2.  I was just encouraging a friend to do this very thing at breakfast this week at Denny’s = start his own business.  Unfortunately, he feels held back by his lack of a college degree (although he is a life-long learner, and smarter than most people I know).  Guy Kawasaki interviewed Pamela Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation on when and how to start your own company.  Maybe it’s time… – GoSee 

3.  5 Predictions for the future of Collaboration (on the AppGap blogs) – GoSee 

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer