project_intuit_logo_91x27I love Intuit.  They are mostly known for their accounting software, QuickBooks, but they are highly innovative in their use of technology, their creation of new technologies and their commitment to resourcing their current and future products.

1.  Did you know that Intuit has a whole marketplace of third-party add-on software that can do anything QuickBooks is NOT designed to do (from Fund Accounting to Auto Dealership Management to Law Practice Tools to Meter Billing to GPS and Dispatch Tracking)?  And they are all designed to fit right inside QuickBooks and sync with QuickBooks to perform the related task and tie it to your financial software.  Browse away – GoSee

2.  Intuit also has IntuitLabs, where they are always experimenting with the latest and greatest technologies and new software apps.  I note that they are doing a lot of development aimed at the mobile phone, like Intuit GoPayment, where you can accept credit cards on your phone (the lame stock photo of the geek in a hard hat kinda stinks, but look past it, will ya?) – GoSee

3.  For major geeks that like to write software and do it with a platform used by virtually all small businesses in North America, Intuit has a place for you.  It’s called the Intuit Developer Network and you can geek out to your heart’s content on the SDK, Xtify Application contest ($7k grand prize) and Federated Applications (where you can immediately publish your app to some “25 million employees within the 4 million small businesses using QuickBooks”) Bring it! – GoSee

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer