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As a business owner, I think it’s so important to give back to the community that has given our firm so much.  I believe that businesses making a profit should give back to those less fortunate.  And as a Christian, I believe God has called me to look where I am, thank Him for all of His provision and look around for those needing material goods and encouragement.

Our firm supports Food For Life Ministries, a ministry to the homeless in Greenville, SC.  My brother, Paul Blumer, chef and “preacher to the homeless,” runs this ministry and my family (and many other supporters) helps out.  And they (my dad writes it) have developed a blog to let the community know of what they are doing and why.  The blog is called “Homeless on Tuesday”, because that is the night Food For Life has been serving food to the homeless in Greenville for over 5 years.

This most recent post on the Homeless on Tuesday blog was very eye-opening, and poignantly makes an incredible point that we should all heed.  There are those that do not have a voice in this world: the unborn, little children and ,of course, homeless people.  Food For Life Ministries gives to the homeless when they have nothing to give back.

Here is a quote from the blog:

“They can not exercise any right for justice or equal treatment and have no influence among the community. They rely on ministries like ours to speak for them, to give them “a voice” so they can speak for themselves. We do this by listening to them and helping them without expecting anything in return. We are concerned about their health, whether they are cold at night, have any food to eat, and their spiritual condition. We speak for them each Tuesday night.”

Is there anywhere your influence could begin helping others?  Maybe your business has had a great year, and its time to say thank you – with dollars, not words.  Somebody may need you to speak for them – look around you and help “give a voice” and “lend an ear” to the less fortunate.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer


A few short points about finding joy:

1.  Some struggle with what they do (be it a relationship, a job, a situation, etc.).  But if you can look back over your life, you’ll see that a lot of those past struggles were preparing you for the abilities and successes you now enjoy.  What are you going through now that will bring great rays of light into your future?  What is God teaching you now that will change your future for the better?

2.  Comparatively, finding joy is difficult.  That is, you can always find someone better and in a better situation.  You’ll find it difficult to find joy using comparisons.  Stop that.

3.  We think joy comes in the big things.  Not so.  There are many joys you experience each day.  It’s just that this complicated world of stuff, schedules and to-dos keep us from seeing them.  My potentially unnoticed joys (some may seem small to you, but they are “joys” nonetheless): my wife cooks a meal for our family each night so we can all be together, my wife and I love each other deeply (after 15 years of marriage), my parents love my wife and my wife’s parents love me, my three daughters are healthy, my work is hard but fulfilling, I tend to develop deep friendships, we enjoy a great church, my dog doesn’t shed, I get to work in a business with my dad, my brother is a true friend, etc.

4.  Finding joy doesn’t mean finding happiness.  Sometime our sadness can be joyful.  Any examples?

I’m feeling introspective today…

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer     

pics-for-web.jpg  Probably one of the greatest moves I made in life was back in May of 2003 when I decided to join my dad’s small CPA firm and work with him.

He was a young 56 years old then, and today he turns 61.  And I’ll be 37 this year, and I just figured out (maybe a couple of years ago) that I don’t know nothing (sorry English teachers), and that my dad knows stuff… turns out, it’s a bunch of stuff.  Figuring this out sure would have been helpful a number of years ago.  Why did it take me until around the mid-30s to figure this out?  That stinks… in a big way.  I may have more time, more money and more life… if I just would have listened to my dad.

In honor of my dad’s 61st birthday today, I wanted to share a few things he taught me…

1.  He misses his dad more now than when his dad was actually alive.  That’s interesting.  That makes me want to hang around my dad.  I don’t want to say that one day.  So I’m glad I get to work with my dad.  And I’m going to make sure my children get to spend a lot of time with me (even when they are teenagers)… because of my dad.

2.  My dad has sacrificed his life for his kids.  My dad is the co-owner/co-organizer of four businesses total, two (seen here and here) for me and two (again, here and here) for my older brother.  He sacrificed his time and funded all of the businesses with his own cash.  I’ll be sacrificing for my three daughters the way my dad did for me (maybe not the cash part)… because of my dad.

3.  My dad taught me to make myself indispensable at my work.  This has helped me tremendously in my past employment, and I’ve even taught this concept to some of my clients.  By this I mean, put yourself in such a trusted position at your job, and perform so well that your employer seems somewhat obligated to offer you higher positions, raises, promotions, etc.  I’ve asked for and received higher positions, raises and promotions… because of my dad. 

4.  Be a background man.  My brother and I are anything but “background”.  We love business and loud music and we don’t like to follow people.  And we sing REALLY loud at church.  My dad is not quite so showy.  He is more of a “background” man.  You know he’s there, but he’s not going to point that fact out.  But when he speaks, me and my brother (and others) tend to be quiet.  He is usually saying something worth listening to.  I want to be a man worth listening to and hang out more in the background… because of my dad.

5.  My dad is a man of faith.  Though he will tell you that his faith in God is not very strong, we see a different picture.  We see a man who has had to lean on God in so many ways through so many trials in the past (many of those trials caused by his unruly kids), and still rely on God and share Him with others.  I want to be a man of faith… because of my dad.

 There’s just so many more I can’t list them all, but those are just a few.

Dad, I love you more than words can say, and I’m so glad to be in the office with you today to say Happy Birthday!  You freakin’ rule, dude (did I mention that me and my brother are not very respectful of the aged, too?).

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer

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