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Hanging with my peeps before class


Last week was a great week of our THRIVEal classes! 

These classes are part of our THRIVEal Business Success Series.  We offer free classes to our clients every May and November on various topics from Marketing and Branding to the proper tax structures to operate their businesses in.

Here’s a recap…

MondayRunning Your Business on QuickBooks: An Introduction – We touched on the “need-to-know” stuff.  We don’t hit every participant with the whole program.  That tends to overwhelm.  We focused on letting our clients know what they had to do in order to be successful with the program.

TuesdayTax Class 101 – We laid out the various tax structures an entrepreneur can operate within, and explained what they were for.  We got a little “techy” and had to use some tax-related language, but overall the group learned a lot.  We went through a very eye-opening example of switching a client from a sole proprietor structure to an S Corp.  We were marveled at the tax dough that can be saved by doing this.

WednesdayStrategies for Success in Your Business – Clearly the best class of the week!  It’s a topic I love and one that our participants responded to.  We passed on a heavy theoretical dose of management theory to our clients, why they do business, and how we consult with our clients toward growth.  We focused on technical people going into business to do business work, and how entrepreneurs have faulty mentalities when starting new businesses.  With examples from a great book, The E Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, we helped our clients transition their thinking from one of faulty thinking to one of successful thinking.

ThursdayEfficient Use of Business Technology – We brought in a guest lecturer for this one.  He went through all of the various areas of technology that may help a startup or entrepreneur so that they might leave with one or two ideas of how to improve the efficiency of their office/business.

FridayFuture-Oriented Strategies: How to Budget for Your Business – We spoke of the value of looking ahead in every aspect of life (we all use future-oriented strategies in many aspects of planning for life).  Budgeting for your business should be no different.  We went through some of our high-end software that does regression analysis (statistics are so much fun!) on historical data and projects that data out into the future.  Fun stuff!

Overall the classes were a great success, and I believe they were of great benefit to our clients.  Thanks to all who participated.  E-mail me at for a pdf of any of the outlines.  Looking forward to November…

Peace out.

Thanks, Jason M. Blumer


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